Self portraits

Self portraits

Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Portraits Incorporate Influence of Somali Handweaving

Portrait of Mune

Study for Portrait of Mune

Portrait of Seven (Revised)
My next exhibition at Hennepin History Museum will feature some of my portraits, photographs, and hand-weavings made locally by Somali and Oromo elder women artists. Meanwhile, these motifs are weaving their way into my paintings~!

Weaving Study ii

Weaving Study i

Thanks to Amina, Ardo, Hawo, Hawo, Nura, and Hawo (yes, there were three women named Hawo!) who taught me hand-weaving, or Farshaxameedka Soomaliyeed last summer at the Somali Museum, in Minneapolis. Since celebrating with women weavers locally at their exhibit at the McKnight Foundation offices in 2008, I have been intrigued with the designs, colors, and techniques practiced by some of the amazing and talented women in our community.

My New Weaving (in progress)
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