Self portraits

Self portraits

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Promises of Paradise

Portrait of Abdul Ahmad, 14 x 14", acrylic on canvas, 2010
(Homage to Hamid Ahmad)

A Shakespearean tragedy in modern times:  A father, a guy about my age, who lived in Iraq, fought against his government, then ended up in jail for a while, and, later took a job with the US military in Iraq.

Three of his four sons were insurgents. As the uncle later said, "When Al Qaeda came to our areas it was easy to get the young people because they were religious and there were promises of paradise."  The son pictured, Abdul Ahmad, age 32, was the one who shot and killed the father, with the explanation as written on his shirt when he confessed to the killing.

Iraq’s Conflict, Reflected in a Family Tragedy

Promises of Paradise, acrylic on vinyl LP, 12" d, 2010
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