Self portraits

Self portraits

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Made of disparate materials, these sculptures embody movement, breath, light, and spirit.  Made of iron hooks, copper wire, bedsprings, rayon seam tapes and textile trims  - here are two views of the same piece, one with dark background, one installed in front of window creating an entirely different mood.

Third small piece is a detail of Rrose Garden, exhibited in Lithuania Kaunas Biennal.

FeO2, 43" x 18" x 3", seam tapes, bed springs, copper wire, farm implements, 2004

Fe02 installed in front of a window    ----->

Rrose Garden, detail, (at left) 75" x 27" x 6", seam tapes, copper wire, hardware, rose tags, costume jewelry ~

in private collection, St. Paul, MN

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