Self portraits

Self portraits

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eat Don't Eat

I found a tea towel in my mother's laundry room which had been in her house in St. Louis Park since she moved there in 1960. It looked like it had never been used - just sat in a box; maybe a forgotten house-warming present... This "calories" towel became the centerpiece for the piece below.

Made from vintage (1950's?) tea towels, other textiles, wooden cutlery, paper, lard ads from the 50's, paint ~  "Eat Don't Eat" exhibited in Fiberart International at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and at Minneapolis College of Art Nothing New - Recycled exhibition. Also, published in Fiberarts Magazine in a review.
Eat Don't Eat, textiles ~ vintage tea towels, thread, paint, paper (lard ads from 1950's magazines), wooden spoons and forks, 42" x 74", 2001

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