Self portraits

Self portraits

Monday, May 27, 2013

Exhibition Review ~ Paintings & Proverbs

This art review Paintings & Proverbs ~ Exhibition by Amy Munice, captures the breadth of my work with Somali and other east African elders. I teach that a healthy diet, exercise, fresh (outdoor) air, visits to waters edge, community engagement, yoga, tai chi, breathing, friendship, creativity  (poetry, music, dancing, gardening, drawing, painting, stitching, I might even add cooking) along with mediation and/or prayer, all can make positive contributions to our health -- improving ills of all nature - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

My exhibit at Susan Hensel (window) Gallery is up through June 24th. I'll also exhibit my portraits and proverbs in the early part of next year at Traffic Zone, in Minneapolis. Many individuals in the community have helped and acted as interpreters to create my portraits of elders, who are non-English speakers -- including scholars, teachers, colleagues, and friends.

Installation view at Susan Hensel Gallery - through June 24

Pamela Gaard “Painting and Proverbs” Exhibition Review – Transcending History of Genocide, Religious and Language Barriers | Splash Magazines | Los Angeles

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