Self portraits

Self portraits

Monday, August 22, 2011

LOLA Art Crawl

Helen Miller called recently and asked if I wanted to collaborate on an idea, and, to put some work in her shop for the LOLA (Longfellow Neighborhood) Art Crawl next weekend.
I was surprised that she picked my drawing, 'Abu Ghraib Sofa', as inspiration for a design for a home interior textile, but less so after I got to know Helen, and saw her 'anti-war dress'. Come and see our art, our collaborations, (and furniture!) next weekend (August 27, 28) at Miller Upholstering on Lake St., along with art by Rhesa Schwartz. Rhesa's work presents the darker, creepier, funnier, and campier side of human anatomy.

I've been turned down by galleries in the past because I made work out of cloth. Too hard to store. Which is true, I've found out. But, it's not hard to own, (if you're regular people with regular wall space or floor space in your home) and textiles can add a warm feeling to a room . . . well, maybe not all the ones you'll see at LOLA this weekend. . .
So, thanks to Helen, for the invitation, the beautiful blue velvet, and for turning me into a screen-printer for a day.

Wonder what will become of the fabric? Me, too. Come by on the weekend and find out. Hours 10:00 to 5:00 p.m. each day.

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